The Mentalist Case is a tool at disposal of all those who love the intelligent exercise of the mind, which are capable of transforming the moments of socialization in opportunities to reflect, in rather light ways, on the infinite possibilities that our brain, our imagination, our creativity can offer each of us so that we are able to use, in more gratifying ways, this almost unknown purveyor of knowledge that is the mind.

Because it is certain that in addition to the familiar senses that we use daily (sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch), there is also this mysterious sixth sense that is an extraordinary instrument, almost unconscious, that nature has given to each of us: WonderFULLY!

The Mentalist Case has two functions: to entertain so friendly, being together, and to exert, discovering the infinite qualities, the world of the mind. Thanks to “pack” you will learn about an important branch of illusionism and simulate the ability to possess the great paranormal powers such as telekinesis, mind reading and foresight, using the tricks and the skill of the great mentalists of the world. In the pack you can find fourteen special tricks. It is a real journey, which will take you step by step until it makes authentic mentalists of you. Essential, at this point, are your presentation skills when illustrating the number you wish to propose. Simply having The Mentalist Case at hand, in fact, is not enough. It is necessary to explain well, in a captivating and compelling way, what you are doing, always bearing in mind that much of the final outcome will depend on your own presentation.